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Year: 2003
Award Type: Award of Honor
Territory: PG&E Territory
Location: Los Altos Hills, CA
Owner: Hidden Villa Hostel
Developer: Hidden Villa Hostel
Architect: Arkin Tilt Architects
Market Segement:
Adaptive Reuse / Renovation
Type of Building:
Award Credit:


Hidden Villa Hostel and Summer Camp Hidden Villa Hostel and Summer Camp Hidden Villa Hostel and Summer Camp Interior Hidden Villa Hostel and Summer Camp Interior Detail Hidden Villa Hostel and Summer Camp Site Plan
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Hidden Villa Hostel and Summer Camp

Hidden Villa Hostel and Summer Camp

Hidden Villa Hostel and Summer Camp Interior

Hidden Villa Hostel and Summer Camp Interior Detail

Hidden Villa Hostel and Summer Camp Site Plan

Hidden Villa Hostel and Summer Camp

This combination of new and renovated structures harmonizes the educational, community-oriented spirit of Hidden Villa with the site’s agrarian precedent. The new hostel nurtures environmental awareness by demonstrating passive solar design, energy efficiency, and sustainability first hand.

The jurors praised the project’s simple yet elegant cross sections, its respect for the site and the trees, and its architectural integration of the energy efficiency measures. The project is timeless in its use of features such as friendly louvered porches that provide shading and a layering effect and volunteer-constructed rammed earth walls that supply thermal mass. The site plan is like a great solar clock: It reaches out and gathers the sun at the right places during the year.

    Notable Accomplishments

  • Architectural integration of the energy efficiency measures.
  • Nurtures environmental awareness.


  • Ralph Roesling, FAIA

    Title: Principal
    Company: Roesling Nakamura Architects
    Location: San Diego, CA

    Ralph Roesling, FAIA

    Ralph Roesling grew up in the Southern California community of Newport Beach and spent his high school and college years in Phoenix where he attended Arizona State University College of Environmental Design. He has 23 years experience in all phases of architecture and planning with an emphasis on educational and civic projects. His architectural work has been published in national and international journals as well as in a monograph entitled, "Roesling Nakamura Architects, Objectives in Practice." Mr. Roesling has lectured in Kansas, California, Italy, and Japan, and is currently an adjunct design professor at Woodbury University in San Diego.

    Mr. Roesling's architectural projects have won several Honor Awards from the American Institute of Architects, San Diego Chapter and statewide AIACC/CASH design awards for schools. His firm was a Savings By Design Energy Efficiency Integration Award recipient for the Isla Vista Elementary School in Goleta, California.

  • Prof. Margot McDonald, AIA

    Title: Principal Investigator
    Company: Sustainable Environmental Design Education Program
    Location: San Luis Obispo, CA

    Prof. Margot McDonald, AIA

    Margot McDonald is an assistant professor of architecture at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo teaching environmental control systems, architectural practice, and design. Her professional consulting and research includes design assistance to create a "green campus" at Cal State University-Monterey Bay and development of a biological solid waste and wastewater resource recovery facility for Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo.

    Professor McDonald is a registered architect in the state of Oregon. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Bachelor of Arts in French from the University of California at Santa Barbara, as well as a Masters in Architecture from the University of Oregon.

  • Dr. Malcolm E. Lewis, PE , CEM

    Title: President
    Company: Constructive Technologies Group
    Location: Irvine, CA

    Dr. Malcolm E. Lewis, PE , CEM

    Malcolm Lewis is a consulting engineer who specializes in mechanical, electrical, and energy systems for buildings and industrial processes. He is also founder and president of CTG Energetics, Inc., located in Orange County.

    Dr. Lewis has more than 25 years of experience in engineering design and the analysis of energy-using systems in buildings. He is the engineer of record for hundreds of new construction and renovation projects for both public and private sector facilities. His particular expertise lies in the introduction of innovative building technologies and design processes that include energy efficiency, sustainable building design, daylighting, thermal energy storage, and cogeneration facilities. He has been active in commissioning buildings since the early 1990’s.

    A registered mechanical, electrical, and civil engineer in California and a registered Professional Engineer in numerous other states. He is also a Certified Energy Manager. Dr. Lewis received a Doctor of Engineering from Dartmouth College, a Diploma for Housing/Building/Planning from Bouwcentrum in Rotterdam, and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science from Harvey Mudd College.

Award Credit

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